Q:   May I submit various images and video content and get it onto your site? 

A:   Yes, you can upload it yourself. It is really easy. Take a deep breath and follow the online prompts :-) Pop over an email if you need help.

Q:   How do I create a thumbnail for my email? 

A:   You simply copy and paste it into your system. We've tried to keep it really easy.  You can also choose to use a large thumbnail to create awareness, especially if you want to make sure that the potential customers really sees your products. 

Q:   What about producing the web button for my website?  

A:   Again, our system is so clever, it will automatically create it for you. If you'd like to change the headers and/or the text placement, a larger or smaller size player for your website, then please let us know - we'll adapt it for you 

Q:   What about the QR code?

A:   The QR code will allow you to open up the video, the text on the left side and Google Maps by scanning the code from a smartphone.

Q:     What is the maximum file size for my video?

A:     500,000 KB (500 MB) - this is quite large and in real terms, you could play it in a cinema - it would still look good.

Q:     How do I incorporate it into my own website? 

A:    We pass on the details for the link to you and you need to pass it on to your webguru. 


Media Corner

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