Orange Bay Media operates a Directory with Videos and Photo content on the Internet. We allow our customers to have their videos playing in the 'Player" or Full Screen. 

We also create links from our Text space to their website, email address,supply the address in Google Maps and produce QR codes. 

In addition we  create Mediaclips for some customers. 

 We assist the companies to put their link with the video/slide show into their emails and supply information to their web designer to enable them to improve their Marketing. 

 Our refund policy is such that we return the money in full if a customer is not happy or does not receive the goods in full. 

Copyright Notice: Video Content is either courtesy of or provided by the various businesses featured on this site and are the copyright of these organisations. Others are produced by and are the copyright of Orange Bay Media (OBM). We will promptly remove any of the footage we don't own at the request of the proven copyright holder.

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