Video Marketing is one of the best marketing tools you have available, and to be able to use it effectively we offer you the tools to link it into your email system and your own company website.

We provide you with the link into your email system, and websites, as well as giving you the option of having the video translated into as many languages you'd like - for the furthest possible international reach.  

Who is Orange Bay Media? 

Our team shares a wide range of business experiences. We understand that these days everyone turns to the internet first to 'try before they buy', to 'see it before you live it'. Video brings you closer to the action, shows you much more than just photographs and is so much more alive than pure text. Sign up with us today and your product(s) or service(s) can reach a global audience overnight, efficiently and effectively. We make sure potential users know where to find your product(s)  




Media Corner

Some of the latest videos from the Media Corner...